Welcome to Inspiring Women.  

I am your host, Laurie McGraw.  Professionally, I have established my career in leadership positions at both high growth commercial companies and non-profits.  For the past five years, I have been serving as a Senior Vice President at the American Medical Association.  This follows twenty plus years leading health information companies where I was able to bring innovative technology to healthcare.   I am very proud of the work I do where I have the opportunity to enact change in healthcare and make an impact.

I have always been driven at work – dreaming big, working hard, making a difference.  

One of my passions over the years has been working with many women, as a mentor, coach or friend, to support, challenge or even inspire.  I firmly believe that women need to hear the stories, the advice, the guidance from other women as we all navigate our career paths and try to make a positive impact in the world.  And so now, this podcast.

Who is this podcast for?

It is for you.  You, if you are just getting started in your career adventures; you, if you are at the pinnacle of your career; you, if you are somewhere in between.  Oh, and this podcast is also for me.  It is a wonderful opportunity to speak with many remarkable and inspiring women!

You can find more about my professional background here. When not working, hopefully, I am outdoors or otherwise relaxing in Boulder, Colorado or Big Sky, Montana with my husband, friends, or our two grown children.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.